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Our First Featured Artist Class with Robert Mickelsen & Eusheen Goines

Cornerstone Glass Teaching Facility recently hosted our very first Featured Artist class, November 1-3, 2013, with featured artists, Robert Mickelsen and Eusheen Goines!  With 16 students in attendance, it was a huge success.  Students were treated to 3 long days of artist demonstrations, producing 3 amazing finished pieces plus a student/teacher collaboration.  They ended the class with a party where Robert and Eusheen continued to work into the night, to the delight of the guests who attended. Everyone had a blast, including Robert and Eusheen who have signed on to do a second class this coming July 1-3, 2014, following the Annual Degenerate Flameoff June 27-29th!  So if you plan on coming out for the DFO, you may consider staying on for this awesome event! Register online here: Click here to register for Robert Mickelsen & Eusheen Goines in July 2014 The finished pieces ~ Finished Piece from Class in 2013-2 Finished Piece from Class in 2013 Finished Piece from Class in 2013-3   Class Photos ~ Instagram Collage Instagram Collage Our awesome sponsors...

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Beginner Pipe Classes Are A Big Success!

We decided to start our classes at the same time regular school started, offering Introduction To Flameworking every Saturday in September and PIPES 1-4 classes on Saturday afternoons and Sunday  Mid-Mornings. This first series of Pipe Classes were taught by HUGH SALKIND of Hugh Glass, a highly respected glass blower and teacher who has been active in the industry for 2 decades. Hugh is very generous with his knowledge in all of the classes and the students love him. PIPES 1 class was a big hit!  Student were taught to make simple production pieces; BATS and STEAM ROLLERS on Saturday, then learned to add simple color detail to them on Sunday.  In this one weekend they walked away with well over 10 fully functional pieces, some made in clear and some with color fuming and dots, lines and frit.  These simple bats wholesale for about   All of the students who took this class also signed up for the PIPES 2 class. PIPES 2 we added a few more students who had taken the introduction class earlier that morning then continued on to make spoon pipes in the afternoon.  Pipes 2 involved a 5 hour day of working on clear spoon pipes, a VERY popular production piece.  Students learned a couple different production methods, then on Sunday they were taught  how to make decorative marbles to apply to the spoons.  The mushroom marble, milli marble and dichroic marble were covered.   As a bonus during this class, Hugh did a milli demo, then let the students use the milli’s he had created to make marbles.  PIPES 3 class,  featured the standard bubble bowl and cone bowl slides which are production pieces that are ALWAYS in high demand.   Students spent all of Saturday learning to make these basic slide bowls, a few different production methods were taught.  On day 2 of the class they continued making bowls and were taught how to use colored tubing.  They practiced making bowls and spoons with color tubing then finished out the day by decorating their pieces with vinyl stickers and sand blasting them. Notes: After allowing the students to take any PIPES class after taking the Introduction class we found that it was ok...

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